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Saphyre allows for direct collaboration between asset managers, brokers, custodians, 3rd party administrators and their clients.

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Saphyre is a FinTech startup that exclusively leverages US Patent-Approved AI technology to structure all pre-trade data and documents speeding all client onboardings. This allows Saphyre’s platform not only to maintain memory of the data and documents, which allows for clients not having to search or resubmit this information, but also to expedite the flow so that it can be consumed and understood by any permissioned counterparty in the finance industry.

Saphyre’s platform organizes data with an end-to-end flow from multilateral private counterparties: whether from corporate/pension/trust, to asset managers/hedge funds launching a new fund, as well as brokers and custodians setting up accounts. In fact, Saphyre is the only platform that combines the custodian and prime broker account setups with broker dealer onboardings, which includes auto-enrichment of SSIs.

This allows firms not only to assess risk faster and clearly, speed their ready to trade process, but also eliminate redundant or inefficient processes in the booking, confirmation, and settlement space directly benefiting the front office.

Press Release: September 15, 2020

J.P. Morgan and BlackRock Leverage Saphyre’s AI Technology to Automate Account Opening for Securities Services

Fully Digitizing Account Opening for Buy-Side Firms, Custodians and Broker-Dealers Streamlines Workflow and Delivers Operational Efficiency

[[New York, NY]] – Saphyre, a fintech company with US patent-approved AI technology, today announced that J.P. Morgan’s Securities Services and BlackRock have adopted its platform to digitize the account opening workflow, eliminating manual processes, improving scalability and enabling buy-side clients to be ready to trade more quickly. Saphyre’s technology provides BlackRock and other buy-side firms with an efficient process for opening accounts with custodians and broker-dealers.

Saphyre enables seamless communication between clients, custodians and broker dealers by eliminating emails and phone calls and providing real-time capabilities that display the status and next steps, action ownership a...

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Saphyre is structuring, unstructured data and documents in the pre-trade space to revolutionize and help standardize activities in the end-to-end trade life cycle; from pre-trade, through trading, and post-trade

By creating a ‘Golden Source’ of structured pre-trade client data and documents, Saphyre has a significant positive impact on current issues with processes and platforms surrounding trading and post-trade