We’ve created a single buy-side portal that applies a secured and standardized workflow tool for the exchange of data and documents between financial firms.


Provides a centralized portal for your clients while speeding their onboardings and allowing them to enter their data and share their documents one time, across any of their counterparties via our patented AI: ATTOM

Automating the exchange of data and documents between buy side firms and their respective brokers. Buy sides can in bulk exchange data and documents with multiple counterparties at the same time, track their progress through the KYC, Credit Risk, Legal, Tax, and Operational Configurations to get them truly 'Ready to Trade' for each of their fund and products

Enables legal teams to negotiation any agreement type, whether between corporates/pensions/trusts and their investment managers on an IMA, or asset managers navigating terms on an ISDA or GMRA agreement with their respective brokers. Saphyre enables buy side legal teams to amend or repaper multiple agreements across multiple counterparties (like adding new client legal entities to umbrella agreements)

Saphyre provides real-time reporting, compliance monitoring, as well as workflow for a number of scenarios like managing additional termination events and acquiring the relevant waivers This service also allows 3rd party legal firms to support their respective buy side firms

Onboarding of clients (corporates, pensions, trusts, investors) with custodians

Onboarding of buy side firms with custodians for:

  • Select and monitoring the openings of desired markets and currencies
  • Control account management and the associated triparty negotiations (especially for UMR Phase 5 and 6)
  • Invite Sub-custodians with our seamless workflow
  • Fund accounting services
  • SSI capture as well as autoenrichment for both the buy and sell side
  • SWIFT & non-SWIFT Reporting (with custodian supported methods)
  • One-Time Trade Routing Setups between buy sides and custodians
  • Manage market specific document requirements, forms, and required KYC-related documents

Onboarding of buy sides with transfer agencies

The ability for buy side firms to in bulk update net asset values (NAVs) and net total assets (NTAs), as well as allow sell side counterparties to receive them in bulk

Patented AI-powered technology to automate the data and document collection for KYC Renewals for all counterparties/clients:

  • Corporates/Pensions/Trusts/Investors with buy side firms or custodians
  • Asset Managers and Hedge Funds with brokers or custodians

Proactively track the expiration of documents 90/60/30 days prior to their expiration

Saphyre’s patented AI technology (ATTOM) remembers the relationship of all data points and documents for every counterparty. Merely point your existing accounts from your old sell side service provider (broker or custodian) to your new one. Let Saphyre shepherd the onboarding process with your new sell side

Sell side can now onboard faster, wasting no time in collecting the already available, related data and documents for these accounts immediately

The pain in switching sell side service providers has been eliminated. And for those sell sides that adapt and adopt they can win new business faster


We are constantly getting feedback from our clients in order to iterate on our designs, improve exisiting workflows and add additional features. Here are some that are coming soon..

CCP Workflow

Account Status Tracking

OMS Auto-Configuration

Off-Boarding Workflow

‘Ready To Trade’ Auto-Configuration